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April 19 2013


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Home Changes Mobile

Mark Zuckerber, Facebook CEO (under 30 yrs old)

on How Facebook Changes Affect You Personally

and Your Business Marketing.

As caretaker of a service with a billion users, Mark Zuckerberg is used to sparking protest. Any time his company releases a new product, adjusts a privacy setting, or even tweaks the design, thousands of outraged Facebookers take to the Web to decry the change.

So Zuckerberg can expect to hear sirens today, as he announces Home,

Facebook's most dramatic response to the pivot from desktop and web to phones and tablets.

New paradigms like mobile can be the ill winds that blow down

card-houses of tech dominance, and to maintain its status as

the alpha social network, Facebook must get this right.

Click here to read the full Zuckerberg interview on Wired Magazine

What it's not: Home isn't the long-rumored Facebook Phone.

That was always a red herring. Instead, facebook home turns

your phone into a Facebook device. Even with the lock screen

on, a photo stream of your friends' activities fills the screen.

and updates appear on your home screen.

Home makes Facebook the main means of communication

on your device.

The company's messaging software merges with SMS.

You can continue using its "chat heads" to text

while inside another app.

Zuckerberg believes that the social network plays

too big a role in its users lives to be drowned out

by a vast sea of apps.

"Apps aren't the center of the world," he says. "People are."

Home does put people front and center and Zuckerberg

is probably hoping that most users choose it over the

standard Facebook app. The catch is not everyone can

participate, even if they want to.

At launch, Home is limited to a few Android phones;

iPhone users are shut out.

Apple enforces its own look and feel, and allowing

a developer to take over the lockdown screen is

currently unimaginable.

But there are plenty of things that were once

unimaginable that have come to pass. One of

them is the personal evolution of Facebook's CEO.

Accounts of Zuckerberg's early years as a founder

paint him as callow. But in recent appearances—

and interviews like this one—he has been articulate,

engaging, and at ease.

Clearly Zuckerberg is at home at Facebook.

Now his task is to make us all feel that way.

What led to your building Facebook Home?

Facebook occupies an interesting space in mobile. We're not

an operating system, but we're not just an app either.

facebook future accounts for 23 percent of the time people spend

on smartphones. The next-biggest ones are Instagram and

Google Maps, which are each at 3 percent. For the past 18

months, we spent our efforts building good versions of

Facebook's mobile apps but the design was still very close

to what we have on the desktop.We knew we could do better.

Why not just build a phone?

Click here to read the full Zuckerberg interview on Wired Magazine

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